Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 September 2022

Cult-owned PayPal’s Coordinated Attack on Free Speech – Boycott PayPal

UsforThem, a UK parents’ group that believes children must be placed front and centre in all decisions impacting them, has become the latest to have their account shut down by PayPal due to “the nature of its activities.”

PayPal also recently demonetised The Exposé for a second time meaning we lost 75% of our monthly subscribers.

UsForThem said it has been unable to access thousands of pounds in donations from its account after PayPal announced it was discounting service to one of the group’s directors “in accordance with” the technology company’s user agreement, The Telegraph reported.

We would encourage all of you to write to and tweet at @PayPalUK to let them know what you think of this sinister action, and if you feel able, to take your business away from PayPal … A campaign together with other impacted organisations will be kicking off [yesterday] evening under the hashtag #BOYCOTTPAYPAL,”  UsForThem wrote in a message to their supporters.

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