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Universal Basic Income Will Be Linked to Your Digital ID Which Will Be Linked to Your Social Credit Score – So Who’s Pushing For it?

“A Universal Basic Income (UBI) is where a government pays all individuals a set salary regardless of their means. It guarantees a certain amount of money from the state without any requirement to work”

In this article, wrote ThreadsIrish, I am not going to dig deep into the economic reasons for it as I am not qualified enough to discuss it from that viewpoint. I will, however, be looking at the countries implementing it and who the people behind the scenes pushing for it are.

As you read the end of ThreadsIrish’s thread below, as well as the points ThreadIrish makes, it’s worth recalling John Calhoun’s Universe 25 experiment that we previously wrote about HERE, which showed that “utopia,” where all needs are met except space, led to societal collapse and population die-off to extinction.

What Has Universal Basic Income (UBI) To Do with Covid, War & Tony Blair?

In March 2022, The Irish Times called it A welcome step’: Ireland’s first basic income scheme on the way’ where artists will get €250 a week in a pilot scheme but many want to see it extended to all.

Five months later and it had increased to €325 with The Irish Times called it a ‘seismic leap forward’ where some 2,000 artists will be guaranteed that weekly wage amount.

In Ireland it is being promoted as “money for nothing” and “no questions asked”. It is the exact same when furlough money was being paid.

When in the history of time has there ever been a “free lunch” (I’ll get to that later on in the article).

Even one of Ireland’s most well-known economists who writes for The Irish Times thinks it’s a good idea. In an article in 2017 David McWilliams floated the idea on his own blog.  This was the same guy who was a huge fan of furlough money in 2020.

McWilliams also was a Young Global Leader but has now graduated to become a member of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”).

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