Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 22 September 2022

No Turning Back | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Ickonic Original Film

In the age where the number of young people reporting gender dysphoria has exploded, we ask the question, is the treatment being given to these children appropriate and in their best interests?

Should 9-year-olds be given irreversible puberty blockers free on the NHS? This film features doctors, whistleblowers, lawyers, and de-transitioners, all of whom have the inside track on what has been going on in the UK’s only gender clinic, the London-based Tavistock hospital. Has a political ideology taken precedent over the doctor’s oath of ‘At first, do no harm?’

This subject sparks debate, controversy, and indeed abuse but it’s time to start a sensible, rational conversation with the safety of children at the very heart of it, before its too late.

Available exclusively on – 7 pm BST – Saturday 1st October.

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