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Moment hundreds march through Leicester amid violent clashes between lunatic groups of Hindus and Muslims – as police officers are relocated from Queen’s funeral duty to deal with unrest. Morons disrupt city in religious feud triggered by a cricket match. Grow up you ridiculous people

This is the moment a group of masked men march through Leicester with one seen armed with a 2×4 foot piece of wood amid violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims.

Fifteen people were arrested during a policing operation in east Leicester ‘to deter further disorder’ on Sunday evening after another night of violence which has continued to plague the city in recent weeks.

Footage has emerged showing the brewing tensions between the two groups with mass marches showing hundreds of people encroaching upon Green Lane Road – with very few police officers in sight to control the situation.

Many officers were deployed to London for the Queen’s funeral today – but the chaos taking place in Leicester has led chiefs to redivert them back to the east midlands to be on hand to deal with any further potential unrest in Leicester.

Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon told LeicestershireLive that local officers had previously been deployed to help cover the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II – which is expected to lead to a million people travelling to London to pay their respects to the late monarch.

However a review was then carried out after violence and disorder broke out again in the east of Leicester on Saturday night.

Some Leicestershire officers were recalled from the capital as a result and extra officers have been drafted in from other forces to help.

MailOnline has contacted Leicestershire Police for a comment on Monday.


Leicestershire Police had a ‘large presence in Belgrave Road’ on Sunday afternoon, as a crowd gathered for an unauthorised protest.

A large number of people wearing masks then attempted to march down the city’s golden mile, but the road was closed and the group was dispersed quickly.

Nixon last night said there will continue to be a strong police presence on the streets of the city. He added: ‘This continues to be a fast-moving situation, linked with a large-scale policing operation.

‘We are still using stop and search powers and any outbreaks of disorder will be dealt with positively. I am repeating my call for calm.’

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