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What Is The Future Of Medicine? GNM

I’ve been asked to write an article on GNM so thought I’d do a rough on here, inflict it on you lot first in our little blurty bubble.

I won’t be explaining the details of GNM yet.
A. because I do not know the intricate details and
B. I am not qualified to teach them (this will be important later in this piece.)

Many people are starting to hear about GNM now and with Lanka’s public seal of approval it feels like the time is right to lay all the cards on the table and work out how we move forward.

Modern medicine has kind of hit a wall over the last 2 years. Many people have seen the cracks now and how big they actually are. It has kept us all in it’s claws using fear. Fear of illness, what it’s about, the scary treatments and impending death and suffering if we don’t comply. The culprit allegedly being our own bodies, badly designed and out to kill us at every turn it seems. If it ain’t the dreaded germs and viruses that’ll beat you it’s your very own body that will.
That’s about the gist of it anyway.

The only thing so far that we’ve been told can save us from ourselves and the bogeymen are those knights in white cotton overcoats. The mercury wielding pharmakeia merchants. Their story hasn’t changed over the last 200 years it has just evolved lots more bells and whistles, tinsel and baubles.

Some of us are left wondering if they simply overstepped the mark with this silly pandemic ruse. Most of the new money-spinner drugs seemed to be anti-viral drugs so were they trying to boost sales? Fuel the fear factor a bit more? Could be. Anti-vaxxers were on to their game and sales were plummeting pre-covid. They needed a boost.
BUT we saw the dancing doctors and nurses while being told they were ‘overwhelmed’. We heard the stories that just didn’t gel of a new deadly virus. Then we learned they had no virus, the vaccines weren’t vaccines, the figures weren’t adding up.

Not to mention the very sick and twisted treatment of our elderly, locked away and murdered with death row drugs and starvation.
Suffice to say a lot of respect has been lost and replaced with mistrust and anger.

So what do we do now?

Now we have an emerging new outlook. Many have looked into ‘terrain theory’ and many are now preaching of new paradigms and methods. But are they preaching facts or putting their own slant on an old methodology. They’ve certainly dusted off the old ‘Hygienists’ writings but they seem to be taking a giant black marker to their writings too. Terrain theory is not just about environmental issues it’s about diet. Look up their methods for yourself and see what they recommended to keep your body ‘clean’.

Never before in the history of wellness has eating dead animals been recommended for a healthy body until the last 50 years maybe and definitely pushed even more in the last 20. Now even the vegans are being blamed for agenda 2030 or being mocked as ‘victims’ of propaganda. I think the word mirroring springs to mind (or is it projection) who cares.

Apart from terrain theory what else do we have? Energy medicine, chakra’s and tuning forks. All possible aids maybe but do they actually cure? Nothing is proven yet. There’s no money in big harma verifying their opponents and they hold all the money and power.

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