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The EU was created by Nazis

‘I doubt if 1 in 1,000 of the EU’s supporters understands why and how the European Union was created – or why it exists at all. I very much doubt if any of the many politicians and celebrities who spoke out against Britain leaving the EU – and who now want us to re-join – bothered to investigate the history of the European Union. If they had they would probably be less enthusiastic about allying themselves to an organisation which is probably the most fascist organisation ever created – and one which was designed and built by enthusiastic Nazis.

Most of our politicians are disreputable, dishonest, unreliable, arrogant, greedy and quite stupid. But those who are committed Remainers have taken all these traits to new heights.

The people who run the European Union these days have been very successful in covering up the organisation’s history. Efficient propagandists in the style of Goebbels have brilliantly suppressed the organisation’s past and have whitewashed the personal histories of its founders. They have efficiently created a superficially credible history and raison d’etre to replace the EU’s real history and its real purpose. By spending billions of taxpayers’ money on propaganda (disguised as ‘education’) they have not only hidden the EU’s Nazi secrets but they have also succeeded in isolating and demonising those who dare to tell the truth. The EU has been so successful in misdirecting the public that anyone who dares to tell the truth about the EU’s background is likely to be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

The EU has been very bad for Britain in a number of ways but very few people realise that the EU was never intended to make our lives better.

The EU was created to promote and protect big German businesses and all the truly bad things about the EU (the absence of democracy, the endless rules, the diminishing freedom) were written into the EU from the beginning. Right from the start, the European Union has been an organisation which has not regarded democracy very highly; has, indeed, regarded it as a nuisance.

The Nazis, and the various officers of the early European Union, all regarded democracy as an uncomfortable and unnecessary part of government. It cannot, therefore, be surprising that this feeling is the basic principle upon which the modern EU is built.

A common complaint today is that the European Union is undemocratic but this should not be a surprise to anyone for the EU’s institutions were never designed to have any sense of democracy about them. The EU which exists today was planned in precise detail by Ribbentrop, Funk and other Nazis who regarded democracy as an uncomfortable luxury which could not be afforded.

Today, the vast majority of the EU’s many supporters are uninformed about the purpose of the EU. They haven’t bothered to study the organisation’s history; instead, they have accepted the sanitised version of the EU’s history and they haven’t made the effort to look behind the screen to see when and why, and with what very specific purpose, the EU was created.

The EU is promoted as a democratic and liberal organisation which puts people first. It doesn’t take much of an examination to see that the European Union fails in all of these criteria. It is decidedly undemocratic and illiberal and the only people it puts first are the bureaucrats who run the various branches of the organisation.

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