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Have a Great Day at the Beach: 5 Essential Tips

If you are one of the many people heading to the beach this summer, we got a few essential tips for you. The key to having a great day at the beach is largely in how well you’ve prepared for the trip. To help set you up for success, we have mapped out the most important things that you need to bring along to enhance your experience. Follow these tips and tricks and you are sure to have an unforgettable time at the beach!

Stay hydrated

If you plan to spend the whole day out in the sun, you need to make sure you are staying hydrated. You should pack plenty of water in your cooler and if you plan to drink any alcohol, use the one-to-one ratio. That means you will be alternating your fun drinks with bottles of water. When it comes to beach snacks, stick to foods that have a high-water content like fruits and vegetables. Fruits also contain electrolytes which will help with hydration. Bring along some sports drinks as well if you want an extra hit of electrolytes to keep you going.

Reapply Organic Sunscreen

One application of sunscreen at the beginning of the day isn’t going to cut it if you are going to be by the ocean for hours. You need to reapply sunscreen periodically and especially after you go for a swim. Even a sunscreen that claims to be waterproof will still need to be reapplied. Purchase a sunscreen that is specifically for application on the face if you have sensitive skin, and don’t forget a lip balm with SPF since your lips are not immune from the sun. Be mindful when applying spray sunscreens as the wind on the beach can make them difficult to apply evenly.

Bring Options for Shade

Having space to relax out of the sun is key to having a comfortable beach day. Sure, you’ll want to lay out and get some sun for a potion of the day, but you will most likely want a break from the sun as well. Having an umbrella or canopy is essential if you plan to be there all day long. This way you can cool off in the shade if you start to overheat or lay out in the sun if you want to dry off after a swim.
You should also bring personal sun cover ups like sun hats or lightweight tee shirts. If you start to notice yourself burning, you can throw on a dry fit long sleeve tee to protect your skin from further damage. Also, sunglasses are important to have on hand for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Pack a Cooler

In addition to all the water you will need to pack in your cooler, you will also want to have plenty of snacks on hand. Beach activities can work up quite an appetite, so you’ll want to stock your cooler with enough to hold you over for the day. Fruit is great to snack on, but you’ll also want to have something more substantial like sandwiches or premade salads.
When it comes to drinks, in addition to waters and sports drinks, you may want something a bit more fun to sip on. Cold-pressed juices or bottled smoothies make great non-alcoholic options, but there is nothing quite like sitting by the water with a cocktail in your hand. If you do plan to drink on the beach, make sure to look into local laws before planning your day. Not all beaches are alcohol friendly. Also keep in mind that beaches do not allow drinks in glass bottles for safety reasons. Stick to canned cocktails and beer if you want something to sip on.

Bring Activities

Enhance your beach day with some fun activities. Kids and adults enjoy a day at the beach more with a little entertainment. A small portable speaker is perfect to play music on to set the mood, and things like frisbees and footballs can provide hours of entertainment. Sand toys and water guns are a must if you have kids, and pool floats are great for everyone to enjoy as they lounge in the ocean. Pick up a couple noodles or even a raft that can hold up to ten people so your whole party can enjoy the waves together. Many beaches also have volleyball nets or cornhole boards that are available for public use. If you have older kids or teens, skim boards are also a great option.

Beach Bound

Now that you are well equipped for your trip to the beach it’s time to head out to the water! Pack your bags, apply your sunscreen, don your favorite suit and get ready for some fun in the sun. This year’s beach trip is sure to be an unforgettable one!

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