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David Icke Speech From London Protest – 17th September 2022

The Trap

David Icke Speech in London 17th September – Transcribed by Christopher Briscoe

“Well, well, bloody well! How appropriate! How apt that we should stand here today next to the Bank of England (cheers) in one of the global bellies of the beast – The City of London financial district – the square mile! 

And how, how apt to, that we gather here today in this belly of the beast. While in other parts of this City millions come together to pay homage and exalt a very symbol of their oppression and enslavement – and that’s what I wanna to emphasize today where all this is actually coming from. 

Where Covid came from, the jab came from, human caused global warming nonsense has come from,  the Ukraine narrative and now the eulogisation by so many millions of a Royal family that is the head of state only because of who had sex with who within one family. It is nonsensical – it is a expression of the very hierarchy, so run from places like this that has held humanity in servitude for known human history. 

Of course, of course the demonic faces on these banners must face justice for their mega crimes against humanity, (cheers) and we must not rest until they do so. Hancock, Witty and all of them! Yes ‘Midazolam Matt Hancock’ (boos) still at large, a man who oversaw the mass murder of the elderly in the spring of 2020 with an end of life drug called Midazolam, who then called it the first wave of covid when it was the first wave of democide. Murder, mass murder by the state!

Hancock, Witty, Vallance, Javid, Johnson, Fatab(?) Yes they must face the consequences for their actions, but it goes much bigger than them – they are not the architects of mass murder and mass control, they are the gophers, the agents, the accomplices of something much greater that hides in the shadows in places like this – the square mile run by secret societies of pure bloody evil! 

And I say this to the police forces of these lands – It is to your, to your shame in extremis that you have stood by and continue to stand by while your fellow humans are murdered, and not only that, not only that, you then protect, and keep from justice the very people who are doing the murdering while at the same time, you abuse, seek to silence and marginalize those with the moral courage and the awareness to challenge the murder and expose the murder! You, you in uniform are not there primarily to protect the people – that is a myth! You are there to protect those from whom the people need protecting! (yeah!) Moral courage! Where is your self respect, where is your awareness of what you do? 

But, but we can talk about the oil rags of this tyranny, we must never forget the engineers because like I say, these people even Schwab and Gates, higher up the hierarchy as they may be, are still gofers for a force, a network that spans the world and works through apparently individual governments to the same, sinister satanic end and places like this is where they operate from. The plan is this which is why, we must, yes, focus on the gofers and the oil rags for their part in this, but we must not lose sight of where it is coming from because the plan is to create the unfolding catastrophe for humanity that’s happening all over the world, and this winter we’ve seen nothing yet with the energy prices where people of fixed incomes and no incomes will have to choose between food and warmth.

I wonder if Charlie boy will be doing that!? (laughter) So the idea, as it’s started with lockdown and continues now with the destruction of the economy through the massive increases in energy and fuel.

The idea is for people in individual countries, quote, to blame their governments and cult gofers in government for everything because the idea then is having dismantled our lives and our ability to put food on the table and warmth in our homes, that the other level of the cult, via its corporations, its banks, yes, and its politicians, er, political people who are controlled by them to come forward and say, look at the mess that governments have made of your lives. But we are now going to step forward, we the corporations, the banks, the billionaires of the cult, to save you from what your governments have imposed upon you, when those same people from the background have been orchestrating the catastrophe via those governments and gofers in government. 


It is a mind trick that they are seeking to play – it’s in their bloody documents. And we mustn’t buy it. We must see the gofers responsibility, but we must also see where it is coming from and, so yes they must face the consequences, but we must understand the game that is playing us and cease to take part. 

And there’s another mind trick that we must always be aware of, and that is that we are manipulated in our anger in our fury at what is being done to become what we oppose. What we fight we become! The world over, the history over, you see the evidence constantly of people challenging tyranny and then becoming the architects of tyranny by succumbing to the same mentality the same methodology of those they oppose. 

We have to go in another direction – you do not eliminate the low ground by fighting on it. You eliminate the low ground by ceasing to cooperate with it. By building something better and refusing to cooperate with anything else, because the most powerful word in the English language, or any other language, is and has always been, it is the word that has ended every tyranny in history and ultimately it will end this one.

And that word, of course, is: “No! No! No!”

It is to understand as we scan nearly 8 billion people being manipulated and imposed upon by a tiny few. We need to understand where the real power is and it’s not with satanic forces that operate out of places like the City of London. Our, our perception that they have power is a misunderstanding of where the power is. Their power, the power of the few is simply the acquiescence to their diktats by the many.

How can 8 billion people be controlled by a handful unless those 8 billion, or most of them, give their power to the handful? This has to end and when it ends this tyranny will end! (cheers)

People say what’s the solution?!!!. (said forcefully) Get yourself a calculator, put in 8 billion, take away the number in full knowledge who are imposing this and there’s your bloody solution!

And what it takes, what it takes is just that stiffened backbone that courage to stand up to what is a house of cards if only we would stop holding it together.

Let’s look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that we are too frightened to stand up to this tyranny, tell them that we can’t be bothered to research what’s actually going on and instead sit there getting our perception from the BBC and the Daily bloody Mail. (boos)!

This is the time for humanity to take responsibility for its world to stop pointing the finger and saying ‘it’s them’. No! It’s us! It’s always been us! It’s always been us throughout known human history who have handed our power to the few which is why throughout human history the few have always controlled the many.

Enough! No More!

The mantra of the people, as others gather in their millions to worship their oppression let the mantra of the awake people, those that can see and their number is growing all the time be: ‘No No No!”

We will no longer acquiesce and cooperate with our own enslavement because when we stop doing so, we cannot be enslaved!

This is the time to change human history by changing the public population response that has created human history.

8 billion – Wake up! Wake up! And when we do, this tyranny not only will be over, it will be impossible for it to maintain its power because its power is our power. We give it to them. It’s time, my God it’s long past the time to take it back! Thank you very much!”

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