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Coloured Gemstone Rings – Choose and buy yours

Coloured gemstones are having their moment in the sun. Deep blues, pastel pinks, and everything in between were once relegated to Disney villains with too good a salary to be so petty, now they’re a fabulous addition to any jewelry box. The world’s newfound love of vintage might have something to do with that. Art deco is having a moment, which is all about the luxury, which deep coloured gemstones definitely exude. Vintage, more detailed rings are also coming back with less bold, more pastel gems. Does any of that appeal to you? If you’re looking for some ideas on how to style a coloured gemstone, and what ones to get, take a look at our suggestions.

Emerald rings

Victor Hugo’s Esmeralda, so named for her emerald eyes, is just one piece of the lore behind this famed green gem. It would make for a particularly apt engagement ring gem since it’s said to bring loyalty and domestic bliss. In fact, it is said to change color if it senses unfaithfulness.

All that is beside the point that it simply makes for a very stylish ring. A square-cut emerald would make for quite the fashion statement, as it looks extremely luxurious and expensive. Anyone can buy a diamond nowadays. It’s a classy, timeless look, but something about an emerald draws respect and luxury.

Sapphire rings

A sapphire is similarly considered a luxurious buy, but it has the added benefit of blue being a very fashionable color. An emerald is fine being the focal point, whereas a sapphire teams up with the focal point to elevate it.

Morganite rings

If both of those options are just a bit too much for you, you might want to look into something like a morganite gemstone, otherwise known as rose beryl or pink emerald. They can come in orange or pink and bring to mind the idea of a pink gin at brunch. They’re commonly paired with rose gold bands because it just goes so well. It’s a good way to stay classy, sweet, and timeless with your design. Giving it a little something without being too out there. Plus, the deeper the color, the more expensive it’ll be, so if you’re looking for that pink champagne shade, you’ll save some money.

Black ice rings

Then again, if you like the idea of being eye-catching and bold, but you also want something timeless, you can’t go wrong with the black ice trend. Black diamonds are flying off the jewelers’ shelves. This might be attributed to Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw and her famed black engagement ring, but we think there’s also the love of deep colours back into engagement rings this year having something to do with it. But black is a very stylish color, one that never goes out of style no matter the season or year, so it might be a more neutral move than going for a sapphire or emerald. You won’t have to worry about it going with your outfit or your nail set, for example. 

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