Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 18 September 2022

Trust in the Feelings of Solidarity of Fellow Human Beings in the Face of “The Demons of Human History”

Especially people in the formerly prosperous Europe and in the starved “developing countries” are plagued by strong fears of life, hopelessness and fits of despair because of the present and future threat to their life expectancy and their previous lifestyle. With the state-imposed COVID 19 measures, the countries’ economies have already been driven to the wall and their populations reduced with the help of killer vaccines.

The current show of force by the most criminal, compassionless “world leaders” is threatening but transparent. Enlightened contemporaries are well aware of the “demonic forces” behind the diabolical agenda that is driving the world into disaster – comparable to that of World War II.

Desperate people can draw comfort, courage and hope by drawing on the nature-given feelings of solidarity and cooperation of their fellow citizens. This will help them to find a home in the human community and to overcome the absurdity of the course of the world.

Familiarity with this world as the highest goal

Of great significance is the fact that more and more people are becoming clairvoyant and see themselves as masters of their destiny. Since they have renounced heaven, familiarity with this world becomes their highest goal. They direct their love only towards the earth and their fellow human beings – that is their faith, their passion, their future. They create a home for themselves in the human community, which grows out of their sympathy for the joys and sufferings of their fellow human beings. They can lean on them and expect help in surviving.

Desire to help and be useful to the other

Cooperation is a behaviour between two or more individuals in which the interaction is characterised by mutual help in the pursuit of a common goal. In the phylogenetic development of man, cooperation played a prominent role, as anthropological facts confirm (Science of Man). Man’s weakness at birth and his lack of instinctive behaviour force him to live in dependence on his fellow man for at least 15 to 20 years (1).

Although mutual help does not count for much in today’s society, it is naturally present and “callable”. Cooperation and mutual help are only possible if children receive an education that corresponds to their nature. They then have the desire to help and want to be useful to the other. They want to teach them what they do not yet know (“What I know, you will know – I’ll tell you!”).

As adults, they have compassion for the whole world, for all the ups and downs of humanity. The other is then the concern of the human individual. Its solidarity and cooperation can be relied upon, trusted.

Proclaiming the “absolute truth” that human beings belong together and are under the law to cooperate and reach out to each other

For millennia, the ethical leaders of humanity have been working to clearly identify the error of the ideology of power and domination and instead to proclaim the “absolute truth” that human beings belong together and are under the law to cooperate and reach out to one another.

The prerogatives of the rulers and the delusion of the ruled, however, constantly enable relapses into the warlike mentality that causes untold suffering in the lives of individuals and peoples alike.

At the same time, we can see that there are more and more intellectuals, philosophers and free spirits like Albert Camus (2), who teach us what is truth and what is a lie and who think for others and proclaim freedom in general with the freedom of thought. They will help fellow citizens to regulate human affairs on this globe and teach them to live without bondage and in peace.

They have to answer the following questions:

How can wars be prevented? How can tyranny be eradicated? How can social justice be improved? How can all people share in the goods of this earth? How can human relations be regulated on a large and small scale and through what education can people be trained to be “human” or to have a community spirit?

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