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The Limitations From Accepting Things As ‘Normal’

Quantum mechanics suggests us that at the core of our reality there is energy – every potential existing at one time. It’s only when we begin to observe, or better yet define those potentials, that we start to see that energy take shape into what we know and experience every day.

Within the wondrous creations we have on this earth that are solid foundations for experiencing life i.e. the planet, our bodies etc, we also have limitations that we create within our psyche and consciousness. One limitation we deal with almost every day of our lives – one that creates a great deal of drama, un-ease, worry, guilt and fear – is the core underlying idea of ‘what life is.’

We are born, we go to school, we graduate, we go to university or college (or straight to work), we get a ‘good’ job, we get married, have kids, buy a house, work for 30 years, retire, do whatever, and check out… seems a little robotic perhaps? This is sold as a dream in many ways, and at its core it’s something we joke about but don’t really question. It’s just normal.

When we join this mysterious experience we call life, not only are we taught how things are by our parents, but we are also greatly influenced by what can be called the collective matrix.

You can imagine this ‘matrix’ as a depository of thoughts, ideas and experiences that we are uploading to and downloading from constantly. A collective consciousness of sorts. In simple terms, it’s the automatic responses that are subconsciously fed into almost every one of us when it comes to societal ideas that are widely accepted. Deep ideas of how things “should be.” Ideas that are believed so widely and deeply that an energy of acceptance begins to create and holds quantum potentials in place as a definition that make up these norms. Thus, we have an acceptance of what is.

Being connected to this collective consciousness means we play into these “norms,” we feel them and we think they are real – even when we are not sure where they come from or how they got there. The only real thing keeping any of these ideals in place is the fact that we are all invested in them.

Over the course of time there have always been those who questioned these norms. now however, I find it hard to ignore the feeling that the numbers of people questioning these norms everyday is growing.

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