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Who gives a fuck? YOU’RE not the Queen – Councils close CEMETERIES and reschedule funerals: Grieving families face disruption on Monday with local authorities cutting back services and shutting public buildings

Grieving families face having to postpone saying goodbye to their loved ones as some councils choose to scale back funeral services and close cemeteries on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Decisions to limit public services, including to close food banks, postpone funerals and cancel hospital appointments, are causing problems across the country and are despite a source saying King Charles and the Royal Family want there to be ‘minimum disruption’ for the public on Monday.

But even though there is no blanket ban, more than half a dozen councils have confirmed funerals will be affected by the national bank holiday – and others are offering to reschedule services upon the wishes of families.

In Preston, the council confirmed that both the cemetery and the crematorium will be closed.

A spokeswoman for North Watford and Vicarage Road cemeteries in Watford told the MailOnline there would be no staff on site at the cemeteries and no funerals taking place on Monday, though the cemeteries would technically be open to the public.

Luton said all council services would be closed on September 19 for the state funeral.

Caerphilly County Borough Council in Wales announced that all funerals planned for Monday 19 September will be rescheduled however, all municipal cemeteries will be open for public access.

Birmingham City Council said cemeteries and crematoria will open but operate a reduced service. Cemeteries will be open for their usual times of 8.30am to 7pm.

‘We are honouring bookings already made in cemeteries/crematoria but are giving funeral directors/the bereaved the opportunity to reschedule without charge if they feel it is inappropriate to have their occasions on the day of Her Majesty’s funeral,’ the council said.

Belfast City Council told members of the public their cemeteries would be open – though there will be no cremations or burials on Monday.

The council said on its website: ‘Our cemeteries will be open as normal from 8am to 6pm on Monday 19 September.

‘There will be no cremations or burials on Monday 19 September.

‘The Bereavement Services Office will be closed on Monday 19 September.’

Ards and North Down Borough Council in Northern Ireland said cemeteries will be opened on Monday for visiting – but there will be no burials on that day.

Woodwells and Heath Lane cemeteries in Hemel Hempstead, Kingshill in Berkhamsted and Tring Cemetery are open for visitors from 9am to 4.30pm.

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