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British Columbian Woman One of the First to Receive Compensation in Canada for Mother’s Death Caused by a ‘Covid’ Injection

Franci DuPerron of Maple Ridge lost her mother to a Covid injection.  She is one of the first people in Canada to be compensated for a family member’s death under Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program. 

Her mother had received a Moderna injection. Ten minutes later, she was having a hard time breathing. Soon she was unconscious. A nurse administered two EpiPens – one in a leg, and one in an arm, but they couldn’t save her.

“She was gone in 15 minutes.”

It had been a severe anaphylactic shock, despite the fact that she had never had an allergic reaction in the past.

After her mother’s death from the injection, DuPerrron spoke to a lawyer. She and learned that the vaccine companies could not be held liable, because the vaccines were developed under emergency use conditions.

But the lawyer did tell her about the Vaccine Injury Support Program, and DuPerron wants other people to be aware that it is out there.

The program started in June of 2021. As of 1 June 2022, it has 774 claims, and most are still being processed. Just 8 claims are reported to have been approved by the program’s medical review board over the past year.

DuPerron believes her case went through the process comparatively quickly – she was compensated in February of this year – because it was such a clear-cut case. Her mother stopped breathing and died within minutes of being injected with the “vaccine.” The coroner’s report and autopsy confirmed she had died from an allergic reaction to the injection.

Still, it was a long and frustrating process. For example, she was asked by officials to present her mother’s vaccine passport, even though she had died months before that program even started.

DuPerron has had the first two Pfizer vaccines, and a booster. It wasn’t without incident. She was diabetic, and each time she received the vaccine, her blood sugar spiked. She went to hospital, thinking she was having a heart attack. The first time, it took months for her health to return to normal. With the second jab, it was a matter of weeks.  Still, DuPerron plans to get another booster if it is offered this fall, provided there is an alternative to Moderna.

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