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Top Geophysicist & Gov’t Doctor Accuse Global Geoengineering Program Of Intentionally Collapsing Earth’s Biosphere

A pair of men named James Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside published a paper in the “Advances In Social Sciences Research Journal” last month accusing the United Nations of engaging in a conspiracy to destroy the Earth’s environment.

Herndon has a BA degree in physics from the University of California, San Diego and a Ph.D. degree in nuclear chemistry from Texas A&M University and Dr. Whiteside has a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Miami and has been the Medical Director of the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County since 2008.

Despite their credentials, mainstream media will not touch on the groundbreaking accusations made in the research paper published by Herndon and Whiteside on August 25th.

Titled, “Collapse of Earth’s Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason,” the authors write, “Earth’s life support systems are breaking down, including the stratospheric ozone layer, which protects all higher life on the planet from deadly ultraviolet radiation.”

Herndon and Whiteside attribute the breakdown in Earth’s environment to human activities, yet not the types typically cited by Climate Change alarmists.

The paper mostly focuses on geoengineering and its largely overlooked negative effects on Mother Earth.

“We present further evidence that coal fly ash, utilized in tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, is the primary cause of stratospheric ozone depletion, not chlorofluorocarbons, as ‘decreed’ by the Montreal Protocol. The misdiagnosis was a potentially fatal mistake by mankind,” the pair writes in the paper’s abstract.

Elaborating, the paper states, “Coal fly ash particles, uplifted to the stratosphere, are collected and trapped by polar stratospheric clouds. In springtime, as these clouds begin to melt/evaporate, multiple coal fly ash compounds and elements are released to react with and consume stratospheric ozone. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, the stratospheric ozone layer has already been badly damaged and now increasingly deadly ultraviolet radiation, UV-B and UV-C, penetrates to Earth’s surface.”

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