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Physician, heal thyself

‘Physicians around the globe….. stop injecting these ungodly agents. Recall that you are homo sapiens – gifted with the power of thought – and return, before it is too late, to the ethics of your once so noble profession.’
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

You were once so energised by ideals; you wanted to help others – to make a difference. Recall that alert, inquisitive trainee who dreamt of a medical career; who wanted to care for others, to save lives. Remember your dedication: the hours you laboured; the sacrifices made willingly and your delight in your achievements. You lived by your ideals then – you were your very best self.

You are somehow different now. You know this.

Does your mind, your judgement, your sense of reality, seem less certain? Have you noticed that something once valued has dimmed? It’s as if a dark fog has descended upon you: you seem confused, disoriented – unable to distinguish truth from fiction. It is said that morale has collapsed in your team.

There will be breakdowns. You know this.

A crime is being committed against you. A sustained psychological assault. All that is most noble and humane and vital in you is being turned into its opposite by totalitarian programmers who wish to exploit and destroy you – who wish to disconnect you from your essential self.

They are forcing their toxic disturbances into your soul; intruding their strange delusions into your mind; forcing you to collaborate with a medical catastrophe. Once they have conditioned you they will ring their bell and you will salivate on cue and you will speak with your master’s voice.

Understand that the totalitarians operate by stealth using the subliminal crowbars of behavioural ‘science’. Note the monotonous, repetitive, hypnotising slogans: the images that assail you in your home, in the street, in your workplace. They are experienced in controlling minds these totalitarians; they know how to ‘trigger’ your most primitive fears: shame, social ostracism, suffocation and death. They know how to work you over.

Note the slow but insidious degradation of your integrity: new social norms have now been set for you, and you – mesmerised – complied with them. New in-groups and out-groups have been created, and you – coerced – joined them. New objectives have been set for you and you – compelled – enforced them. The state programmers have been contracted to do this to you; to your organisation: to annihilate the very best in all of you – to train you in self-betrayal. They describe this process as ‘influencing’ – as ‘changing minds’; the correct term for this crime is menticide. They have diverted your moral compass from true North and you are now ethically adrift.

Depersonalised and demoralised, your doubts and rising panic must be repressed, for your mind will shield itself from terrors too overwhelming to bear.

So you deceive yourself: you deny reality by breaking links rather than making them. Now you don’t have to see – don’t have to acknowledge – what the programmers don’t wish you to see; what you insist to yourself can’t be happening: the rising all-cause mortality; the increasing vaccine injuries; the suffering – the lives laid waste. You have armoured yourself to the point of rigidity, but you are still afraid.

Witness the rationalisations your spellbound colleagues now use. Note how they frame their decisions in positive terms – how they absolve themselves from their crimes of obedience. They reassure themselves that they are protecting others; that they are loyal employees and team members acting as directed: that they have no choice. Witness the splitting – the distorted black and white thinking: the unyielding convictions of the deluded.

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