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NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right (or replace it with something better)

It is easy to show that health care in Britain is worse today than it was 50 years ago. And arguably it is worse than it was 70 years ago. Indeed, it is worse than would be acceptable in many backward, third-world countries.

Health care in Britain has been doing more harm than good for many years because the NHS, which provides most of the health care in the UK, is dangerous, absurdly bureaucratic and wildly expensive. It has been dying for a long time.

I doubt if I was the only person to be shocked when the queen of England gave the George Cross medal to the NHS. The medal was apparently awarded to celebrate the way the NHS dealt with patients in 2020 and 2021. Those were the years when hospital departments were closed, for no good reason, when staff panicked and behaved hysterically in the face of an infection proven to be no more dangerous than the annual flu, when essential treatments were abandoned and waiting lists allowed to grow to inhuman proportions – with the result that millions of patients will die because they have not been investigated or treated. They were years when doctors and nurses wore masks which do more harm than good, and forced patients to wear them too. They were years when doctors and nurses ill-treated patients and were responsible for murdering tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of elderly patients simply because they were old and ill. They were years when doctors and nurses promoted, gave and lied about experimental, toxic jabs which never did what they were supposed to do but which were known to be among the most dangerous drugs ever manufactured. Worse still, doctors and nurses ignored the legal and ethical requirement to tell patients about all potential side effects before involving them in an experiment. They were years when doctors and nurses helped smear the honest practitioners who were trying to share the truth. They were the years when doctors and nurses mis-treated patients and betrayed every tenet of the Hippocratic Oath.

And it was because of all those sins that the queen gave the NHS staff the George Cross.

Of course, the queen never had to use the NHS. The British taxpayers paid for her and her grasping, hypocritical, entitlement obsessed family to have the very best private care. It isn’t because they live healthy lives or come from good genetic stock that most of them live such long lives. Their longevity is down to the fact that they receive private medical care and are not exposed to the inadequacies of the National Health Service.

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