Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 September 2022

Blank canvas becomes new symbol of ‘right to protest’ demonstrations

Protesters holding blank signs gathered in Edinburgh on Tuesday to object to the arrests of anti-monarchy demonstrators.

Members of the group held up a sheet of blank canvas and A4 white paper near St Giles’ Cathedral, where Queen Elizabeth II had been lying at rest since Monday.

The protest came after two people were arrested for breach of the peace in Edinburgh on Sunday, including a 22-year-old man who hurled abuse at the Duke of York as he walked behind the coffin of his mother, the late Queen. The protester was later charged by police.

Protesters said the tactic was inspired by activists in Hong Kong and Russia.

Rosie Thompson, a student at Edinburgh University, said: “We are extremely worried and very concerned [by the arrests]. This is an extreme example of a growing trend of laws passed by Priti Patel.

“The right of freedom of speech is a fundamental pillar of democracy. We’ve not had any interaction with police today. It’s been used in Russia and Hong Kong. People are being arrested for expressing opinions like the right to question the head of state.”

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