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Watch Out for The New ‘Covid’ Injections There’s Nothing Good About Them

The high-speed, bivalent Covid boosters are here, wrote Dr. Meryl Nass. “Watch out. There is nothing good about them, and we should be worried about why they are being used.”

The US FDA and CDC have co-operated to issue emergency use authorisations and rollout new, bivalent Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines this week, without any human trials, which is unprecedented.

These vaccines continue to enjoy extraordinary protection from liability, while the recipient has no access to the legal system in the case of injury.

There is no evidence that the new vaccines are safe, while there is limited evidence that they may be more harmful than earlier Covid vaccines – but in the absence of human testing, there is no way to truly predict their safety. Safety data are being concealed by federal health agencies. Messaging by them is misleading.

There is no evidence the new bivalent vaccines will be more effective than the older vaccines, and existing evidence suggests that any efficacy they provide will persist no longer than one to several months.

Covid vaccines appear to increase susceptibility to Covid infections, on average starting six months after inoculation.

Perpetual boosters briefly stave off the negative efficacy that develops a few months after a Covid vaccination. This may be why frequent boosters are being pushed.  But frequent boosters may also weaken overall immunity and may even contribute to rising mortality rates in the US and UK.

There is international coordination regarding bivalent boosters, and a major effort will be undertaken to get them into arms, despite historically low levels of severe Covid.  Why?

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