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List of Best Universities in Ireland in 2022

With just over 5 million citizens, Ireland is often considered an unexpected academic option for students. However, it’s stock-filled with numerous monuments and experiences that enrich a student’s life. For example, it’s one of the 6 UNESCO cities for literature. Hosting book festivals, owning a world-recognized library, and being the origin of 4 Nobel prize winners, its top universities are distinct for a reason.

While the primary language conversed in Ireland is English, the ancient Irish Gaelic still remains part of the culture and is taught across the country. Hence, not only is being exposed to a diverse culture a wonderful experience, but students won’t have to worry about the language taught, as it’s most often English.

In this article, find out the top 5 Ireland universities in 2022 and what makes each one stand out.

Benefits of Studying at an Irish University

Aside from English being the most recognized and used language in Ireland, there are many reasons one would consider studying there. One of the most common issues students face is being allowed to work while balancing student life. To save time, you should consider the ultimate assignment help service in Ireland to accelerate your university assignments. This will enable you to dedicate enough time to find work, as Ireland allows students to work a part-time job for 20 hours per month. This will permit you to gain experience and excel in your academic life.

Moreover, Ireland has been much more accepting of internationals. It even offers 100% scholarships for a multitude of high-achieving students. Hence, the country’s reputation precedes itself. It’s a whole for many internationals, as it also provides post-study visas for those who aim to search for job opportunities post-graduation.

1. Trinity College Dublin (#101 QS Ranking)

For individuals desiring to study a more scientific area, the Trinity College of Dublin is an excellent option. It is world-recognized for its research center and leading in various areas of expertise. The university is also known for being among the top 100 universities in philosophy, history, chemistry, medicine, and dentistry. Moreover, this particular university focuses on the student’s well-being. The atmosphere is very constructive and inclusive, with over 124 societies and more than 50 sports clubs.

2. University College Dublin (#173 QS Ranking)

As part of the student experience, many individuals boast about the campus resembling a small town rather than a university. The campus is spacious and beautiful, providing students a more relaxed experience. It’s also the most significant public research university in Ireland, with over 33,000 students. It is composed of 6 colleges only, but 4 of the majors are ranked within the top 50 worldwide. Sports-related topics include Library and Information Management, Petroleum Engineering, and Veterinary Science.

3. University of Galway (#258 QS Ranking)

You might have noticed the trend by now; the top universities in Ireland specialize in scientific topics and research. The University of Galway isn’t very different. However, it does offer more varied courses that are unique. Some examples include regenerative medicine, theatre studies, and stem cell research. Moreover, the university has published over 3,000 excellent, world-recognized papers in 21 distinct fields over the past decade.

4. University College Cork (#298 QS Ranking)

Unlike the universities discussed above, a student who wants to study at University College Cork should be prepared for a more relaxed environment. As the campus is small, its vibrant student body is more close-knitted. As it contains merely 4 colleges, it has a more intense focus on specific fields of study. It also shines through with its English Language Center, offering a wide range of professional, academic, and general courses.

5. Dublin City University (#490 QS Ranking)

Dublin City University is a terrific starting point to kickstart your career journey. Known for being one of the best worldwide for graduate employment, most students find jobs within 6 months of graduating. It’s also unique for its Biomedical Diagnostics Institute present on campus. This institute hones down on students’ research skills and strives to create diagnostic devices to enable the detection of early stages of diseases. Moreover, it provides a welcoming atmosphere for new students through seminars, tours, and numerous social mixers. This enables students to reach a more comfortable position before diving deeper into academics.


The bottom line is that the top universities of Ireland all rank within the top 500 worldwide. Not only are all 5 incredibly diverse, but they all have significant research initiatives. Moreover, as the country encourages internationals to join their campus lives, they offer numerous scholarships you can take advantage of.

In a nutshell, there are many reasons why you should consider studying in Ireland. The education level is recognized worldwide, it has ample nature to thrive in, and the career opportunities are limitless. Keep in mind that regardless of the major you plan on enrolling in, chances are you’ll find it in their top universities. 


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