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Windpower: Disastrous Threat to Planet Earth?

The following was sent to me by a contact in Germany. The German title Windkkraft – Tragik eines Irrtums translates to Wind Power – Tragedy of a Mistake.

It includes the physics involved in the dire threat of windpower to atmospheric movement and balance. In other words, wind farms apparently interfere in a critical way with the natural flow of air around the planet.

Potential impacts include literally altering the positioning of the jet stream, thus thinning the atmosphere over the North Pole, thereby promoting icemelt even without the alleged contribution of CO2 or any “greenhouse” effect. It’s apparently already a question whether Earth could recover if we stop yesterday.

One striking quote:

…according to a recent study by the DLR (German Aerospace Center), between 5 and 6 billion insects of various species die on wind turbine blades every day and, as a side effect, reduce the effectiveness of the wind turbine by up to 50%!


Wind turbines are the biggest, irreversible intervention of man in the nature of our planet.

The original is in four languages, and people are asked to share as widely as possible. There doesn’t seem to be an author. Here’s the English version.

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