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‘I’ve been called a Nazi for saying women don’t have penises’: Women’s rights campaigner reveals pro-trans lobby have ‘wished CANCER on her children’ – as police investigate threats of violence against her ahead of ‘Let Women Speak’ event

women’s rights campaigner says the pro-trans lobby has branded her a Nazi and made sick slurs about hoping her children develop cancer.

Kellie-Jay Keen, who founded Standing For Women, told MailOnline her events had been hit by a number of threats and warnings.

She spoke out after officers from Sussex Constabulary were alerted to a number of menacing messages against her.

They included many branding Ms Keen – who is also known as Posie Parker – a TERF and urging people to ‘Fight her by any means you see fit’.

It came ahead of a planned Let Women Speak event in Brighton on September 18, which is billed as a ‘Speakers’ Corner tour’.

Ms Keen – a mother-of-four – has frequently attracted the ire of pro-trans activists over her views on gender rights.

She told MailOnline: ‘I have been called a Nazi for saying I don’t think women have penises. Once you can portray someone as the most heinous person in society – a Nazi – I guess anything goes.

‘I have had a lot of threats over the years, I have been told about how they hope my children get cancer.

‘Sadly, it’s not unusual for trans activists to issue threats about women wanting to talk about our rights – JK Rowling is a prime example of that.

‘We are subjected to a wide range of menacing messages.

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