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Working as a Home Office Interpreter

Here is what you need to know about working as a home office interpreter. Work at the home office or learn how to be a freelance agent 

With such diverse cultures being integrated into our society and businesses, learning languages has never been more critical. However, not everyone can have the time and luxury to do that. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire someone who can fulfil the whole translation job. 

If you are proficient in foreign languages, don’t hesitate to search for home office interpreter jobs. It helps you put language skills to good use and earn money. Using job aggregators such as Jooble or other job-related websites, you will find various vacancies for interpreters. Let’s delve into the details of who an interpreter is and how to become one. 

The Role of an Interpreter 

The main interpreter’s duty is to help translate real-time communication between two parties. For instance, they help delegations from foreign countries find common ground with the government. Imagine, how time-consuming and tedious negotiations could be if parties tried to speak their languages instead of using an interpreter’s services. The more languages this professional knows, the better. However, such specialists don’t limit themselves to governmental tasks. For example, they accompany tourists. People from all over the world come to visit the United States. Having an interpreter can make transitions and communication run much more smoothly.  

A home office has become an attractive alternative to regular office work. With a thought-through ads campaign, you’ll reach out to many people who are likely to use your services. You can do translations either via emails or via Zoom and phone calls. If you will be interpreting sign language, having a video call will be an absolute requirement. The ones in need may ask you to come to visit personally if you live close enough or if it is an emergency.  

Setting Up 

Setting up your own home office to manage information and communication is essential. A good internet connection is also a prerequisite for a successful and smooth job. Your video may be average, yet the audio quality should be flawless. You must ensure your clients can hear and speak to you without glitches. Having a smartphone at all times is also a way to stay in contact for phone interpretation 24/7.  


To qualify for the job, you should prove that you know several languages. The exact number of languages expected from you is a minimum of two. Learning three or more may take much time and practice. Therefore, not many interpreters are polyglots. Companies often hire multiple interpreters specializing in different languages. Try to learn a language that is more commonly used or from what clientele ask for most. The most widespread languages are:

  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Standard Arabic 


Where to Apply 

Being a home office interpreter means you will mainly work as a freelance agent. Thus, your task is to find clients and make them recommend your services. It requires developing a strong personal brand. People have to know your professional background. If you can add any certifications to your resume to prove your validation, it will improve your chances. These can be things such as a linguistics school certificate or a portfolio with prior translations.   

There are dozens of areas where translation services are much needed. You will have enough room to have personal preferences and pick up spheres that attract you the most. From translating legal documentation to working with tourists on cruises, – the list is long. You can also help the immigration offices. Even financial businesses will need interpreters to secure deals in other countries. Many tech companies will hire people like you to explain their software and products. Wherever you are required, working freelance from home means more flexibility. Take on multiple clients at once or choose to work for a specific company.  

Working as an interpreter can mean helping others who are left confused by the language barrier. The more we communicate around the world, the better understanding we get. It is why so many openings are available now that technology is making global communication much more straightforward. 


A good option you should also consider is teaching languages online as a side gig. It is a way to earn extra money from the main job as an interpreter. If you work for a big company, you can expect a salary of around $20-$60 per hour.  

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