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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consider an Online Divorce

The state of California may seem to be a state with a high divorce rate but it’s actually the opposite. Back in 2019, California has one of the lowest divorce rates with people hiring Davis family lawyers to help them navigate the process. The state has been known to be one of the states to have the smallest divorced population.

But lately, more and more people have tried different divorce methods. They don’t want to go to court anymore or have to hire an attorney but prefer online divorces instead. Although online divorces can be quicker and cheaper, they also have some disadvantages that you should know about before you begin the process. 

That being said, here are some reasons why you should not get an online divorce.

  • Each State and County Has Different Laws

State and county laws will be different – therefore, you may be missing some important details when divorcing online.

Now, sure, some online divorce websites will provide you with the general laws in your area, but the information they give is usually not complete. For instance, they may tell you nothing regarding your county’s requirements for the forms you should submit. 

As a result, you may end up submitting the wrong forms or making a mistake during your divorce process which may lead to you being unable to terminate your marriage. What’s worse is that this will delay the whole procedure for you, which is not ideal if you are looking to get done with the divorce as soon as possible. 

It’s always better to get the help of a lawyer who knows the laws and can help you get a divorce.

  • Many Divorces Are Complicated

Getting divorced may be more difficult and confusing than you think – especially if your marriage resulted in children or if you have debts and assets together. 

You will have to communicate with your spouse and decide on child custody matters, as well as how to divide the property. You’ll also have to consider child support and alimony payments when you file. 

This can be challenging, and although you will get paperwork for these situations from online divorce websites, you usually do not get any advice on how to make the right decisions. There’s the risk of making bad decisions that can affect you in the long run. 

Having an attorney to help you is always better, and online divorces usually do not involve lawyers.

  • Sometimes, Going to Court May Still Be Necessary

One of the reasons why so many people love online divorce is because it takes away the burden of having to go to court. 

Well, the downside of online divorces is that sometimes you may still have to go to court, so you are not guaranteed a smooth divorce process. Going to court may be required when you didn’t meet certain requirements for the county or state you are filing in, you didn’t submit the right forms, or your case involves complicated problems. 

Besides, filing online will be problematic when you and your spouse cannot agree on certain matters. If the two of you are unable to reach a mutual agreement, then going to court may be necessary.

  • The Low Price Is Sometimes Not Worth It

When you have a low budget or want to save some money on your divorce, an online divorce site may seem like a blessing. Everyone praises online divorces for being cheaper, but should you choose this marriage termination method just for the price?

You will be charged a lower price, but you will not get assistance during your divorce proceedings, making everything more difficult for you. As such, you will have to spend your time looking up the different laws in your area and looking at what forms you will have to submit. 

Filing for divorce online can be more stressful when you don’t know the legal definitions, forms, and other things involved.

  • You May Regret Your Decisions Later

Every decision you make during your divorce is permanent and legally binding. Unless the circumstances change later either for you or your former spouse, the decisions cannot change. 

It can be very risky to make decisions without the help of a divorce lawyer, which is why an online divorce may not be the best thing to do. 

Final Thoughts

Getting an online divorce may seem like a good idea – you can save some time and money. But it often comes with risks, and if you make mistakes, you may still have to go to court, nonetheless. If you don’t know anything about legal forms or matters surrounding divorce in your county or state, you shouldn’t get divorced online.

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