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Family in Norfolk with disabled child have electricity cut off for refusing a smart meter

The story starts in 2020 when Stephanie Lund, who cares for her disabled daughter and elderly parents, started to develop headaches.  She then discovered a smart meter had been fitted in her home without her knowledge. Researching electro-sensitivity, she found information about the potential harmful effects of smart meters.  Ms Lund doesn’t have a mobile phone or any wifi internet in her home for these reasons.

She contacted her electricity supplier Utility Warehouse (UW) in May 2020 and told them that the smart meter wasn’t safe and she wanted it removed.  She asked if it could be put on a ‘dumb’ mode, with no active wi-fi but was refused.  UW refused to replace the meter or come to test the radiation levels, saying it was safe by ‘EU’ standards.

Fast forward to April 2022, and frustrated with her headaches worsening due to the smart meter, and with the failure in the duty of care of UW for her and her families health, she contacted a qualified electrician and had the smart meter replaced with an industry approved digital meter.

In June 2022 she had an un-announced visit from Revenue Protection Services, saying they were there on behalf of UW, saying there had been a problem with the connection to the smart meter.  The electricity bill had been paid throughout this time.  Ms Lund refused him entry into the home as it was an un-accounced visit and she wasn’t able to identify him.  He left her with a letter, saying they may return with a warrant to access the property to check on their property (ie the smart meter).  She handed him the smart meter back.

Without any further correspondence on 27th July 2022 at 2.14pm a man from Revenue Protection Services returned to her property with another man.  The man wouldn’t give his name or identify himself, so he was refused access.  The men claimed they had a digital warrant, which Ms Lund thought ‘had been made up on a computer’.  She asked if it had been signed by a judge, in requirement of a warrant, and the men refused to answer.

The man then gave an ultimatum that they can fit another meter, cut the electricity off or call the police.  Ms Lund, alarmed by this bizarre turn of events called the police herself.

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