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‘Covid’ Injections Contain Hydrogel and Graphene Oxide Says International Group of Scientists

Poornima Wagh is part of a group of 18 scientists from 7 countries who have analysed 2,305 samples of Covid “vaccines” from twelve different brands. On Thursday, she discussed their findings in Part 3 of her Scamdemic series during a Global Conversations podcast hosted by Regis Tremblay. 

As reported by Business Insider, the co-founder of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin, designed the Pfizer injections in January 2020 within a few hours. And Moderna’s vaccine also took just two days to design.

How do you make a vaccine for a virus that was never isolated or purified or even known before the official pandemic date in March 2020? “You don’t,” Wagh said, “this whole thing was pre-planned years in advance.”

We were unable to find a biography for Wagh using the usual search engines but she provided a summary at the beginning of her presentation.

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