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NHS – the No Hope Service: Widow forced to verify husband’s death on video call because doctor would not visit

An elderly widow was forced to certify her husband’s death via video call after a GP said they “don’t come out any more”.

The patient, who was 80 and had been dying from cancer, passed away at home shortly after 4pm on a weekday earlier this month. His wife, who had been caring for him at home, called her local GP and was told the doctor would “be in touch shortly”.

But when the GP phoned back, more than one and a half hours later, he said he would not be coming to the house.

Moira Evans, a friend of the widow who was there at the time and has spoken to The Telegraph, said: “He then sent a link to a video chat… [and said] ‘hold the camera to the dead body’. My friend at this point said ‘I can’t, can you do it please Moira?’, and so I did it.”

The GP explained that “they don’t come out any more to certify death, that you have to do it yourself on a smartphone”, she said.

‘Verification should be carried out in person’

Temporary measures for completing medical certificates of cause of death during the Covid pandemic were lifted in March this year.

The current official requirements, set by HM Passport Office, state: “Seeing the deceased after death (ie viewing the body) will need to be in person and includes verifying the death.”

An NHS spokesman said: “Verification of death should be carried out in person by a qualified health professional in a sensitive and compassionate manner.”

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