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Western University Students Protest Fake-Vaccine Mandate – Get The Jab That Has Already Killed Millions And Maimed Even More Or You Can’t Pay Us Massive Fees To Be Programmed

Hundreds of Western University students, along with their parents and former faculty, have begun their protest against the institution’s sudden, discriminatory, and wholly unnecessary vaccine mandate.

Speaking with Maverick Multimedia, one organizer of the event, Hannah, said,

“This year, students are really upset, and they are seeing that you don’t have to wear a mask anywhere pretty well now, you don’t have to get the vaccine, you don’t have to show proof, but you have to do that at Western in order to continue your schooling. And they also announced it after we had to pay our tuition. So that especially makes students upset.”

While Western University has since stated that they would refund any students who refuse to comply with their mandate, many are still distraught over the vaccine mandate and the fact it was announced just weeks before the fall semester.

Moreover, the university has not offered a full refund for courses taken in previous years. While such courses could go towards a degree at another institution, there’s no guarantee that students will be accepted at another institution — potentially rendering their previously completed courses utterly useless — nor will their application fees be covered by WesternU.

Hannah continues, saying that students weren’t consulted on the vaccine mandate last year and weren’t consulted this year either.

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