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Sexual Abuse by Former Mormon Bishop Walton Hunter Confirmed by Daughters

Rebecca Kapp and Deborah Hunter-Marsh confirm sexual abuse at the hands of their deceased father Walton Hunter, former Bishop in the Mormon Church.

The daughters of Walton Hunter, a now-deceased former Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), have confirmed their father sexually abused them as children.

The confirmation from Walton Hunter’s adult children provides further corroboration of what was reported in Justice Delayed, our initial 2-part investigation into claims of sexual abuse relating to former leadership in the LDS.

In part 2 of our investigation we focus on Walton Hunter — a friend of now-deceased former Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley and a Bishop in the LDS — and claims that he sexually abused his own daughters. Hunter would eventually be excommunicated from his 2nd bishopship in San Jose, California as a result of these accusations.

The story of sexual and mental abuse at the hands of Walton Hunter is documented in the book Deliver us from Evil written by his adult daughter, Deborah Hunter-Marsh. Published in 2014 by Ms. Hunter-Marsh, the book seems to have gone largely unnoticed, a tragic example of forgotten abuse.

The book doubles as a personal diary with Deborah Hunter-Marsh sharing her father’s family history, his involvement with the church, and, of course, his constant sexual abuse of her and her sister Rebecca Kapp.

Prior to the release of Justice Delayed The Last American Vagabond (TLAV) sought a comment from Deborah Hunter-Marsh and Rebecca Kapp but did not hear back until after publication. Now, the grown daughters of Walton Hunter remain steadfast in their claim that their father raped and molested them throughout their childhood.

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