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Climate Change Hand-Wringer Prince Harry Took Private Jet to Polo Match

Prince Harry was spotted arriving for a flight on a private jet to set off for a one-day polo match – before the aircraft sat idling on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes as it waited for his staff to arrive in a gas-guzzling SUV to drop off his polo kit. MailOnline has more.

The Duke of Sussex boarded the $9 million Bombardier Challenger 600 at a Santa Barbara airport around 11am on Wednesday to head to the event in Aspen to compete in a round robin tournament.

Harry, who regularly preaches his views about the ‘climate crisis’ hitting the world, arrived at the airport close to his $14 million Montecito home in an electric Audi SUV.

But he then sat in the idling private jet for 30 minutes before the royal’s staff arrived with his polo gear in a black Range Rover at around 11.35am.

Two men were then seen ferrying Harry’s green kit bag and mallets to the plane in a golf cart before placing them in the cargo hold.

The private jet is owned by Florida-based businessman Marc Ganzi, who is a longtime friend of Harry’s and a polo enthusiast.

The Ganzi family have played with Harry’s brother William and father Prince Charles previously in London several times, and are already at the club in Colorado ahead of the event today.

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