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The Global Cult-instigated big squeeze that lockdown began: ‘I’m finding it harder and harder every month’: Families warn they face impossible choice between food and electricity in struggle to survive when energy price cap hits £3,549 in October

Families have warned they face an impossible choice between food and electricity in a struggle to survive when the Ofgem energy price cap hits £3,549 this October.

Britons are ‘finding it harder and harder every month’ with the rising cost-of-living, while mothers of disabled children have appealed for urgent help with energy bills.

Others say they will choose to only heat one room in their house this winter to keep costs down as much as possible, and feared for people ‘on the breadline’.

It comes after regulator Ofgem confirmed an extraordinary 80 per cent rise in the energy price cap for around 24million households in England, Scotland and Wales.

The higher cap will come into effect on October 1, but Ofgem warned that some suppliers could start to increase direct debits before then to spread costs. 

It will then be adjusted again after December 31, with latest forecasts warning bills could surge again to around £5,400 next January and around £7,000 in April. 

Here is a selection of thoughts from Britons about the latest energy price cap rise which will send the average household’s yearly bill soaring from £1,971 as it is now:

‘We face choosing between paying for food or electricity’

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