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The Birth of a Worldwide Green Police Force, Complete with Climate Crimes Prosecution and Interrogation Facilities

Spain passed rules that prohibit adequate cooling in summer and adequate heating in winter as part of a European Union-wide initiative for member states to cut back their reliance on Russia. 

Meanwhile, in France, the Interior Minister is hiring 3,000 “green police” officers and Canada is doing much the same thing except worse. Canada is building a climate crimes prosecution facility with interrogation rooms and weapons armouries.

Spain Bans Setting Air Conditioning Below 27°C

Spain’s new air conditioning rules were passed despite the country expecting more sizzling heat with an orange weather alert raised in nine areas with highs of 420C.

Spain banned setting air conditioning in most public buildings below 27°C and required shops to keep doors closed as much as possible. And much like in France, streetlights will also be shut off at night. Thus, not only will the Spanish sweat throughout the summer, but they’ll be doing so in darkness.

Additionally, as reported by Vice, “Under the government plans, heating will also have a new limit of no higher than 19 degrees Celsius. While the rules are mandatory in all bars, cinemas, theatres, airports, shops and train stations, it has been recommended that Spanish households may also consider implementing these new guidelines.”

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According to LBC, no specific penalties have been set by the Spanish government, with it instead leaving it to the country’s 17 regions to track compliance.

According to a report in the Guardian, Greece and Italy announced measures last month to similarly restrict energy use; France ordered public premises to set thermostats higher in the summer and lower in the winter and will fine air-conditioned businesses €750 (£635) if they leave their doors open; and the city of Hanover, Germany, has banned the use of mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters everywhere other than in hospitals and schools.

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