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Now Le Cercle secret society chief and former ‘vaccine minister’ Nadhim Zahawi says people will have to start RATIONING energy use to save money ‘because there is a war on’ – after 24 million Britons are left facing an 80% energy price cap rise in October

Nadhim Zahawi today advised Britons to start cutting their energy usage because ‘there’s a war on’ – after Ofgem confirmed an 80 per cent rise in the price cap which will send the average household’s yearly bill rocketing from £1,971 to £3,549.

The move will affect 24million Britons from October 1, while the 4.5million on pre-payment meters – who are often the most vulnerable and already in fuel poverty – could see even higher average bills of £3,608.

Asked by broadcasters if it was time for people to look at their energy use, the Chancellor said: ‘The reality is that we should all look at our energy consumption. It is a difficult time. There is war on our continent.

‘Very few people anticipated war. Wars happen in far-flung places. It is now here with us. We have to remain resilient. My responsibility is to deliver that help.’

As business groups and think tanks offered stark warnings over the crisis throughout the course of today:

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