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Exactly as planned: NHS cyberattack causing ‘total chaos’ in hospitals could take a year to recover – that’s good for you, Mr Anal Schwab, right?

t could take more than a year for hospitals to recover patient record systems following the recent NHS cyberattack, The Independent has learned.

Hospitals impacted are likely to need two weeks to recover for every day the situation goes unresolved, according to NHS sources.

Following the 5 August attack on software supplier Advanced, NHS 111 and mental health and community services across the country suffered an outage to several systems used by the NHS including one called Carenotes which is used to store patient records.

It has been 22 days since the outage and Carenotes is yet to be restored. Staff at a Birmingham hospital were told on 17 August that restoration could take a further five weeks.

Under current estimates it is likely to take two weeks for every day, The Independent has been told, to upload patient notes again once Carenotes is back online meaning full recovery could be over a year.

Patients’ safety fears have been raised over mental health and community trust workers being unable to access their records, after Carenotes went down.

The Independent has been told incidents are occurring already where patients have not been given the correct medication dosage because staff are unable to access their records.

One source said: “It’s total chaos… there have been incidents with drugs being given at the wrong dose to people who couldn’t check the dose.

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