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Police officer who urinated in Urban Outfitters changing room can keep her job

Amelia Shearer, 24, went to a bottomless brunch with her friend last September.

In less than four hours, they drank half a bottle of prosecco and three cocktails before Ms Shearer had a Jack Daniels and coke at another venue.

The pair, ‘loud and giggly’ by this point, went to an Urban Outfitters in York.

A shop assistant said Ms Shearer asked her if there were any toilets in the store and then, when she was told no, she went into a fitting room without any clothes to try on.

The employee and his manager told a hearing at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium that Ms Shearer left the cubicle with a pool of what smelt like urine. The outlet had to pay £492 to get the space professionaly cleaned.

Ms Shearer and her friend quickly left the shop but they were later tracked down by police. She denied urinating, insisting she had gone into the changing room to adjust her bra.

She left this out when she told her superior, Inspector Christian Duree, what happened the next day, giving an ‘abridged version’ of events.

Ms Shearer was found to have lied to Inspector Duree and in several other interviews which followed.

She was found guilty of gross misconduct today, with her actions harming the public’s confidence in policing.

A lawyer representing the force said Ms Shearer was now ‘undeployable’ as an officer.

Despite this, Ms Shearer has been allowed to keep her job and she was given a final written warning lasting for five years.

Inspector Duree said: ‘(Ms Shearer) deals with members of the public exceptionally well. Her performance as a probationer was excellent.’

Ms Shearer’s lawyer said: ‘She has the potential to be exceptional. There is a place for her in Cleveland Police and there is the potential for her to flourish in this police force with the appropriate guidance.’

Chair Ogheneruona Iguyovwe said: ‘(Ms Shearer) is 24 years old. There is scope for her to be rehabilitated, there is scope for her to set the record straight and to begin on a new path.’

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