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An Expat Guide to Domestic Help in London

It doesn’t matter where you come from; London is a fascinating and welcoming place to call home. It’s among the most famous places in the UK and indeed the entire world for resettlement. The capital of England is one of the most multicultural places on earth, with over 250 different languages spoken there, rendering it “the most linguistically varied city in the world.”

It’s one of the most desirable cities to reside in the UK and a great place for expats. Not only are foreigners numerous, but they are also accepted as an expansion of the local populace. In this article, we will look at what it takes to live in the city of London as an expat, how to get domestic help, and how to find cleaners in Croydon. 

Brief Introduction to London

It would be an understatement to say that London has a rich history. Londinium, which the Romans named when they arrived in AD 47 and later changed to London, is considered the capital of both England and the UK. In addition to the historic City of London, now the financial heart of the metropolis, the title “London” is also used to refer to Greater London, which is today home to almost 9 million people and has expanded over the years to occupy an area of roughly 1,583 square kilometres. The headquarters of many of the world’s largest businesses and financial organizations are located in central London.

With a population of close to 14 million and an area of 8,382 square kilometres, urban sprawl has further expanded into what is now known as the London Metropolitan Region. 

Accommodation in London

According to a survey in 2021, the UK is where expats may pay the most for housing. This is still the case in 2022. It is undeniable that, in reality, London is the costliest city in the UK and that a large portion of a Londoner’s income goes into housing and transportation. However, due to its vastness and reputation for transience, London does provide some versatility and opportunities in terms of property search.

The ideal strategy for finding a home in London is to remain in your preferred neighbourhood and scan fresh listings every day. Although spring is the perfect season to look, you can still conduct inquiries in the winter months or summer. You can get info through newspapers, websites, or real estate agents. In London, there are three primary categories of apartments.

  • Purpose-built apartments, Victorian conversions, and maisonettes have modern interiors despite their dated exteriors.


  • Rows of homes are terraced houses, and this building style dates back to the 17th century. Additionally, there are semi-detached homes, which were created as a response to the construction surge that took place in the first two decades of the 20th century.


  • You could also search for a detached house that can accommodate a single family. The more independent residences you find, the further you travel from downtown London.

Getting Domestic Help in London

You can get the right help in London. Either you require a regular cleaning service for your apartment or an emergency plumber. You can search for individual contractors or contact a larger agency if you need domestic assistance.

Since living expenses are high in London, having live-in support is uncommon. Cleaning services often cost around £8 to £15 per hour for weekly house cleaning. Due to the fact that the majority of cleaners in London do not bring equipment with them when they travel by public transportation, you will be required to provide your own cleaning items (vacuum, cleaning agents, towels, etc.).

If you do not use an agency, you compensate the cleaner yourself. Agencies offer periodic cleaning at your apartment whenever you want it, which is a good alternative. Whenever you relocate to a new home, confirm that a professional cleaning has been performed.

How to Get Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

  • Croydon cleaners can be found online at The London help service is inexpensive. You pay £15 per hour for cleaning services. They also clean curtains and furniture.
  • Asking a neighbour if they know a dependable cleaner is another excellent strategy.

Feeding and Utilities 

Utilities and food will all be included in your cost of living, along with transportation, health insurance, and internet. Find out which utility companies operate in your neighbourhood, then compare pricing. Have a representative from the service companies examine the gas, heating, and water meters to ensure everything is safe.

Many businesses, including BT, Virgin Media, and Sky, have package agreements for home phone, TV, and internet services that provide all three at discounted rates for a predetermined period. You will just have to pay one fee in this manner to cover all the services.


In this post, we discussed what it takes to live in London as an expat, how to get domestic help and how you can get cleaners in Croydon. We hope you found it helpful!

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