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RAF Head Resigned Over Belief Diversity Targets Were “Unlawful”

The head of the Royal Air Force’s recruitment team resigned after coming under pressure to meet diversity targets which discriminated against white men, believing them to be “unlawful”.

Last week, it emerged that RAF top brass had ordered a pause on the hiring of white men in an effort to meet workplace diversity targets.

The person tasked with achieving that goal resigned in protest, and now we know why.

In an email, the Group Captain concerned reported to superiors that she was not willing to allocate training slots based on specific gender or identity.

“This is unlawful,” she wrote. “I am not prepared to delegate or abdicate the responsibility of actioning that order to my staff.”

She went on to say that she agreed with supporting diversity, but that it “should however be achieved through lawful and proportionate means.”

The officer resigned on the same day because she refused to impose the “course loading” order on her team.

Under UK law, positive discrimination, where someone is promoted or given a job simply because of their skin colour or another characteristic, is illegal.

The farce is yet another shocking reminder of how identity politics has become so deeply embedded within the system, to the point where it now effectively ranks above national security.

As we highlight in the video below, while diversity is universally championed in the UK as a strength, the reality on the ground is somewhat different.

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