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Leaked Videos: Virgin Australia Bring in ‘Experts’ to Drum In ‘Vaccines are Safe and Effective’ After Airline Staff Raise Safety Concerns

In recent months there has been an increased concern about Covid injections amongst Virgin Australia staff, for example, the effects on fertility and pregnancy. So, at the end of last month, Virgin Australia invited “medical specialists” to “reassure” staff that the “vaccines” were completely safe for all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

CEO Jayne Hrdlicka invited several doctors to present information and to answer any questions staff may have.  The online presentations were streamed live on a Facebook group as well as on the company’s intranet used by employees.  All Virgin Australia staff were invited to attend. Virgin titled the series of presentations, to convince staff that “vaccines” are safe and effective, ‘The Covid Information Series’.

Included in Virgin’s Covid Information Series were presentations made by Dr. Nick Coatsworth, Dr. Anthony Byrne, Dr. Debra Kennedy and Dr Natalie Gray, copies of which have been leaked to The Exposé by an anonymous source.

The many concerns brought by staff were represented during the question-and-answer segments – particularly in Dr. Natalie Gray’s session. Concerns raised included issues around mRNA technology, AstraZeneca blood clotting deaths, thousands of reported adverse events and a lack of long-term data on fertility concerns. One of the three company doctors was pregnant with her first baby and happily took her shots while pregnant and strongly encouraged others to do so.

The repeated message throughout the presentations was the vaccine is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Below is a clip from Dr. Gray’s session tweeted by Aussie Freedom Flyers in which she told airline staff:

“There have been no additional side effects found in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women. So, the vaccine is safe and effective.  So, my advice would be: please, if you are pregnant or intending to be pregnant, be reassured that it is entirely safe in pregnancy … There is no indication that there is any impact on fertility, either planning to become pregnant now or down the track. We also know that side effects of vaccines only go for about eight weeks.”

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