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In Memoriam: The Nuremberg Code, 1947-2022

The Nuremberg Code just died after a lengthy illness. Covid has been identified as the official cause of death, but pundits claim that the Code was actually struggling with terminal illness for the past three years, even before the Wuhan virus made its debut.

Numerous factors contributed to the Code’s demise, but metastatic tyranny is the underlying condition chiefly responsible for the Code’s slow and torturous death.

In fact, the Code was on life support ever since lockdowns and mask mandates were imposed in 2020.

After years of systematic abuse and gang rape by the WHO, CDC, and world governments, the Nuremberg Code finally succumbed to her wounds and was pronounced dead on June 30, 2022, when the Supreme Court refused to take action against vaccine mandates that could have effectively resuscitated the Code. The Court claimed that a DNR (do not resuscitate) order had been placed on the late Nuremberg Code, and that only palliative care would have been allowed.

The Code’s death also coincided with NY State’s recent plans to set up quarantine camps for people whenever the state deems it “necessary.”

Instead of a traditional burial, the Nuremberg Code will be incinerated, since her remains have been deemed a contagious public health threat. “Right to informed consent is a dangerous idea that risks going viral and infecting the masses,” remarked Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH, “so it must be disposed of carefully like all other hazardous materials.”

When asked for evidence supporting his statement, Fauci responded impatiently: “Just TRUST the SCIENCE.” People Magazine recently discovered that “Science” is Anthony Fauci’s middle name. So there you have it, folks. The Science has indeed spoken.

In honor of the Nuremberg Code’s incineration, a special crematorium has been reconstructed at Auschwitz for this purpose. After the cremation, her ashes will be scattered over her birthplace, Nuremberg, Germany. The empty urn will be ensconced atop an obelisk erected at the United Nations. This will serve the purpose of reminding the masses – and especially the fundamentalist conspiracy theorists – that the Nuremberg Code is dead and will not be resurrected.

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