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They don’t want you to own a home – Dr Vernon Coleman

In the world of the Great Reset, ordinary people will not be allowed to own their own homes. The widely promoted principle ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’ will apply to buying and owning any sort of property as much as it will apply to anything else.

Prices of homes all around the world have been pushed very high as big investment companies have moved in and bought thousands of homes at a time – helping to push up prices and force out private buyers. At the same time, the quality of housing has fallen dramatically. Builders who obey EU laws about house construction invariably produce shoddy, poorly built properties which are not designed to last.

It is worth noting that houses in Japan are built to last 30 years. After that they either fall down or they are knocked down and replaced.

The process of destroying the long established principle of home ownership is already well under way. Interest rates are rising (and likely to continue to rise for years, as central banks appear to struggle to control the runaway inflation they created). Rising interest rates will make it more difficult for new buyers to get their feet onto the bottom of the property ladder and they will make it increasingly difficult for those who own homes to hang onto them. Constantly rising energy prices will add to the expense of owning a home – particularly if the home is old and poorly insulated. Banning Russians from property ownership will also reduce prices.

Worse still, the Government in the UK is forcing 15 million house owners to make such massive and ruinously expensive changes to their homes that the only practical solution will be to knock down perfectly good, solid homes.

The energy performance certificates which must now be linked to every home are to be revised in 2025 to include a variety of untested, unpopular, expensive inefficient eco-inventions which are popular with the conspirators (and the global warming cultists who represent their views in the media and the political market place).

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