Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 20 August 2022

Vaccine damage – another Health Secretary ignoring the facts

THERE is something particularly brutal about a country that knows the facts, reports the facts, and yet does nothing about them.

It can’t be possible, can it, that Secretary of State for Health Steve Barclay is unaware of the six officially reported child (under 18) fatalities associated with the Covid vaccines or of the 344 further fatalities to which no age is ascribed which may hide further child deaths? 

It can’t be possible, can it, that he is unaware that the Danish Health Authority halted Covid-19 vaccination for under-18s from July 1 citing absence of any evidence of benefit; or the head of the Danish Ministry of Health’s statement of June 22 that, looking back, it was ‘a mistake’ to vaccinate children against Covid-19? 

The time for Mr Barclay to follow suit is well overdue.

Instead of pushing Moderna’s ‘next generation booster’ shot to the over 50s, as he has been enthusiastically and recklessly doing, he should focus on the damage his government has already inflicted on the younger generation. Top of his reading list should be the many studies worldwide that have found vaccine-induced heart inflammation in children and young people as reported here, and the huge peer-reviewed Israeli study which found these rates higher in double-vaccinated young men than in partially vaccinated young men, and much higher than in unvaccinated young men.

A study of adolescents from two schools in Thailand published last week reports similarly disturbing findings. This study specifically examined the cardiovascular effects on 300 students aged 13 to 18 receiving their second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine injection. A shocking 29 per cent (that’s three out of every ten students) registered cardiovascular effects including tachycardia, palpitation, shortness of breath, chest pain, and myopericarditis. The overt symptoms subsided within 14 days (the duration of the study). But there was no follow-up of subsequent health outcomes and therefore the long-term effects remain unassessed. The authors concluded that adolescents receiving mRNA vaccination should be monitored for side-effects.

Mr Barclay, please note: this possible long-term heart damage is for a vaccine that they didn’t need and that was of no benefit to them.

How come no such studies have been commissioned in the UK once the my0carditis risk could no longer be ignored? Do the MHRA and the Government really think that adding a product information warning to the packet (as though the vaccine recipient would ever be shown that) is sufficient?

Apparently so.

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