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‘They treated me like I was David Icke’: Father Ted creator Graham Linehan slams BBC for ‘making him look insane’ during Newsnight interview about the Tavistock Centre… but says he’s been ‘vindicated’ now trans clinic has been shut down

The Bafta-winning creator of Father Ted has slammed the BBC for making him look like he had ‘gone insane’ during an interview about transgender issues in 2020.

Graham Linehan, 54, whose writing credits also include The IT Crowd, has been attacked by trans activists for his defence of women’s rights and speaking of the importance of biological sex.

Mr Linehan appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight programme in 2020 to air his concerns about the actions of trans activists and the NHS‘s controversial Tavistock child transgender clinic.

But the short interview with presenter Sarah Smith quickly descended into acrimony when the journalist criticised him for increasing the ‘toxicity’ of the debate.

She also claimed he had compared treating young people who are confused about their gender identity with ‘Nazi concentration camps’.

Speaking in an interview on GB News with MailOnline columnist Dan Wootton earlier this week, Mr Linehan said Newsnight had conducted a ‘hit piece’ and tried to continue ‘trans activists’ campaign to destroy my life’.

He said they had done this by ‘making me look like I had gone insane’ and claimed they treated him like he was conspiracy theorist David Icke – the former sports TV presenter who has written books about a secret world order of reptiles.

Mr Linehan also mentioned how LGBT news website Pink News had written ‘more than 75’ articles about him since he began speaking out about the issue.

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