Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 19 August 2022


Tonight marks the premiere of Ickonic’s brand new original documentary ‘The New Normal’ – Tune in at 7pm this evening to watch this film completely free on Ickonic’s YouTube channel. 

Watch the full film below…

BRAND NEW ICKONIC ORIGINAL FILM – The World changed overnight in March 2020, but for what reason? We saw communities change, relationships change, families change like never before, the psychological abuse we’ve been subjected to by our governments is the largest known in history, in this documentary filmmaker Jaymie Icke interviews a number of experts from various fields to see the truth behind the events of the last few years and what motives were really behind them. Featuring Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Sam White, Tonia Buxton, Kezia Noble, Dr Tom Cowan, AJ Roberts, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Louise Creffield and Dr Niall McCrae.

About Ickonic:
Ickonic, an award-winning and internationally recognised independent media streaming service, brings you groundbreaking and eye-opening films, documentaries, and series every week. Along with our weekly news and current affairs division, we bring you the news that the mainstream media won’t tell you about.



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