Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 18 August 2022

US Government is trying to Weaponize the IRS by Hiring Dumb College Students to do their Dirty Work

Shameful universities like Stockton, Dixie State, Purdue, Rowan, Rider, Indiana State, and others are recruiting college students to enforce tax evasion for a program called the “Adrian Project”, which is being run by the IRS. It is targeted towards both high school and college students who are given tactical vests and fake firearms with instructions to make arrests. The job calls for the use of “deadly force”. With government corruption at all time high, the plan to unleash this against the American public is startling. This is the reincarnation of the Brownshirts with the ability to arrest whomever they please. Many police officers, the genuine ones that is, have left the force due to the corruption and for refusing the jab of death. They are now being replaced by low life college idiots brainwashed by far left liberals politics.

More Videos Show IRS Run Recruitment Program for High School and College Students Called the “Adrian Project” Started During Bush Administration

Recruitment offers a high salary with the possibility of earning over a hundred thousand per year after some years of employment. This is an attractive offer for moron talent-less college grads who are incapable of anything beyond a grocery store job. There is no honor in any of this. A custodian has more dignity than these ignoramus sellouts. In the video at Stockton, you can see the degenerates power tripping thinking they’re police. One of them timidly saying, “IRS”.


Do you really think gangsters will be intimidated by this? This is to attack defenseless law abiding citizens, not the ultra rich or criminals manipulating the system. They just want to steal people’s wealth and throw them in jail for no reason. A nation cannot function with college idiots running around pretending to be police when they are completely unqualified. The more the IRS operates like this, the more fearful and distrustful the people will be towards government.

Ted Cruz proposed to shut down the IRS during his presidential campaign. This should be on every president’s to do list as they have become completely out of control. If this is not stopped, the US will become the Soviet States of America. Ted Cruz tweeted that they are trying to make the IRS bigger than the FBI, Border Patrol, and Pentagon combined. He also noted that this new unit will be to go after regular citizens, not billionaires and corporations.

Domestic terrorism is something that’s been thrown around, but usually at the wrong people like concerned parents who don’t want schools teaching their children about gender surgery in kindergarten. However, the maniac government declared them an enemy. This is heading down a very slippery slope. What the IRS is doing is real domestic terrorism hiding under the guise of the law, and the corrupt bureaucrats are helping them get away with it. But unfortunately, more people are holding their tongue for fear of being government retaliation.

Democrats’ ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill Will Increase IRS Agents by 87,000 Employees

A greater consciousness is needed to expand awareness in the US, especially in the young, so that they do not support organizations like the IRS who want to attack innocent civilians. If more people can wake up to the corruption and see past the veil of illusion, they would never join anything like this. College campuses, however, have basically become breeding grounds for degeneracy, to put it blunt. They are funded by the government, and this sort of thing is perpetuated on campus. This was touched on the book, College Exposed: How Students are Getting Screwed & What You Can Do to Make the Most out of Your Education, and described how higher education it is becoming increasingly a bad investment due to rising costs, low quality education, and the political atmosphere. Most of the majors are just not worth the money, and even technical jobs are at risk with the rise of artificial intelligence.

While being pro education, college does not have a monopoly on it. Books, libraries, and tech/trade specific training are available and so people have to vary their options. As Mark Twain said, never let schooling interfere with one’s education.


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