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Psychiatry: Black Magic Masquerading as Science

Modern psychiatry is the greatest con on earth.

Psychiatrists and general practitioners have become increasingly enthusiastic about drug therapy in recent decades. They claim that they can treat a wide range of disorders with psychotropic drugs, and so a goodly portion of the nation now regularly gulps down happy tablets. The startling result is that the incidence of mental health problems is increasing. Officially, one in two people in Britain is incurably mentally ill. Yes, you read that correctly. One in two people in Britain is incurably mentally ill. In other countries, including the United States, the figure is similar or worse. Some of those people are classified as mentally ill because they cannot cope with the modern world. Some are classified as mentally ill because they fit new criteria for mental illness (they have symptoms which are now regarded as indicative of mental illness). And some of those who are classified as mentally ill have been made ill by the reckless prescribing of powerful and dangerous drugs.

(Despite this, the number of hospital beds available for mental health patients is constantly shrinking. This is, of course, because the mentally ill make an ineffective lobby and have almost no political clout. Politicians quickly bow to drug industry pressures because providing hospital beds costs more money than providing mind numbing drugs which turn patients into zombies.)

But the bare truth is that psychiatry isn’t a science at all and it isn’t even an art. It’s more of a confidence trick; a collegiate confidence trick with pretensions of grandeur. Psychiatrists often claim that the drugs they prescribe are designed to correct chemical imbalances in the brain. But the simple fact is that there is no evidence that there is any such thing as `chemical imbalance’. Ask any psychiatrist about this and he will agree that `chemical imbalance’ is a still unproven theory. It’s never even been properly tested so how could it ever be proven? So how can psychiatrists and drug companies possibly treat the problems which they claim are caused by `chemical imbalance’?

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