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False Flag Incoming? FBI Warns Of “Dirty Bomb” and “Civil War”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that the threat of a civil war is increasing. A bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and FBI was sent to law enforcement agencies warning of increased threats following the FBI’s execution of the search warrant at former President Trump’s Florida estate.

The DHS and FBI also said that a threat involved a “dirty bomb” that would be placed in front of FBI headquarters.

In the days since the warrant at Mar-a-Lago was executed, the FBI and DHS have allegedly seen an increase in “violent threats” against law enforcement, judiciary, and government personnel, including a particular threat to “place a so-called Dirty Bomb in front of FBI headquarters,” according to the bulletin.

This could be a glaring red warning that there could be a false flag event coming to set up a civil war. If the rulers cannot and do not succeed, they will invent a civil war and commit any number of false flags to make sure people believe it’s happening.

According to Fox News, the bulletin states that many of the threats include references to the claim that the 2020 election was stolen, in addition to other perceived claims of government overreach.

The bulletin also cites an incident on August 11 when an individual “attempted to forcibly enter the FBI Cincinnati field office.” The individual, Ricky Shiffer Jr., allegedly fled from the scene when officers responded and then entered a standoff with law enforcement officers and FBI agents. He was shot and killed after the standoff, which lasted six hours. –Fox News

This feels very much like the U.S. is being set up for a civil war. Mike Adams of Natural News is also warning to be aware of all of this:

The recent FBI / DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago is a key element of this plan. The raid was reportedly designed to provoke an armed uprising among Trump supporters, or at least encourage nationwide protests that could be exploited by the FBI to run undercover agents dressed up as MAGA supporters.

Since most people don’t understand radiation — and it’s invisible — the public can be easily terrorized by the media working in conjunction with the deep state to carry out a dirty bomb attack that might not even be very dangerous from a purely medical / radiological point of view. But hyped up by the media, the average American will believe the world is ending. (It’s the covid panic template all over again…) -Natural News

Please stay alert and aware of what’s going on. Do not fall for this divide-and-conquer nonsense and do not stoop so low as to participate in these events that are obviously setups to get people angered to the point of “action.”

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