Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 August 2022

Experts Say FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Will Help Trump

Experts are increasingly of the belief that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago will actually serve to help Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president again in the long run.

Federal agents searched Trump’s Florida home last week, ostensibly to recover classified documents, although the incident is widely being seen as yet another underhanded effort to prevent Trump from running for office again.

Describing the raid as an “assault on a political opponent,” Trump claimed yesterday that the FBI “stole” three of his passports as well as ransacking his wife Melania’s wardrobe.

Experts are increasingly coming around to the view that the raid will in fact bolster Trump’s re-election chances.

“Unless Donald Trump is convicted of one or more felonies before November 2024, he is now, on paper, a much stronger contender than he was before the Mar-a-Lago raid,” said former hedge fund manager and political commentator Charles Ortel.

“Whether you like Donald Trump or loathe him… you must understand that running the Federal Bureau of Investigation like a Stasi or Gestapo is so far beyond acceptable that it is worse than laughable,” he added.

Ortel thinks the Mar-a-Lago raid is a “remember the Alamo” moment and that it will “pull levers at the polls” for Trump at the next election.

“After the looming anti-Democrat deluge, there will be an accounting against all who have trampled the Constitution. This project will continue through and after November 2024,” said Ortel.

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