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Scientists discover ‘Carbon Nanotech’ & ‘Radioactive Thulium’ in Pfizer & Moderna ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

After reviewing electron microscope images of elements contained in the Covid Pfizer and Moderna injections, Dr. Daniel Nagase revealed that, strangely, the contents of the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” show no signs of biological material, including mRNA or DNA.

Dr. Nagase is a Canadian emergency room doctor who was put on involuntary leave for successfully treating Covid patients with ivermectin in a central-Alberta hospital in 2021.  He has since been touring through Alberta and British Columbia (“BC”) speaking at rallies on treatment options for Covid. Nagase said he has also been “learning a lot about the legal system” while reviewing the medical records of people whose family members believe have died as a result of the “vaccines.”

In the video below Dr. Nagase discusses his findings with Melanie Risdon, a reporter with the Western Standard.

Dr. Nagase was able to obtain samples of both Pfizer and Moderna Covid injections.  “Unfortunately, both these samples had to travel for an extensive period of time in various vehicles. So, they’ve been unrefrigerated for up to two months. I don’t know exactly how long they’ve been left unrefrigerated,” he said.

Initially, the research group looked at these Moderna and Pfizer samples under a regular microscope. Although there were a lot of very interesting images, they were unable to be conclusive about what exactly they were seeing. So, they used an electron microscope to determine what elements the “vaccines” contained.

“You would expect to see carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus – all the things you would normally see in a protein,” he said.  The team of researchers found carbon and oxygen but none of the samples contained nitrogen or phosphorous.

“X-ray spectroscopy didn’t detect any nitrogen or phosphorus. So, if those complex shapes – that rectangle with all the dots arranged in a grid – were the result of some kind of biological process … then there should be nitrogen and phosphorus there in addition to carbon and oxygen. Because every living thing, whether it’s a virus, plant or animal, is made up of proteins that contain nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and phosphorus.”

And electron microscopy revealed the same, no nitrogen and no phosphorous.

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