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Leave Blackadder alone! Majority of Brits DON’T want to censor classic movies and TV shows which modern audiences now find offensive, YouGov poll finds

The vast majority of Brits are against cancelling old movies and TV shows with content that is now considered to be offensive, a new poll shows.

Programmes on TV and radio have been removed or censored by outlets including the BBC in recent years over jokes or characters viewed as racist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced by a modern audience.

The BBC’s amendments have included content warnings before Blackadder episodes, edits to Dad’s Army and some content removed from Steptoe and Son.

An episode of Blackadder’s first season was handed a content warning last year for a racial slur, while Dad’s Army has been given a number of content warnings and edits to remove offensive language.

A study conducted by YouGov showed almost three quarters of the public (72 per cent) think programmes and films ‘that now might be considered to be racist’ should be kept available to the public.

Most people, 60 per cent, said such films and TV should be available unedited with a content warning; 12 per cent said they should be available without such a warning.

Just 10 per cent of the British public said the offending content ‘should not be available at all’, while six per cent said it should be accessible if offensive content is removed and four per cent said it should be left in and censored.

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