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Germany Warns: There Will Be Draconian Energy Regulations

German officials have warned the public that there will be extreme and draconian energy-rationing measures put in place. They also warned their enforcers to expect mass civil unrest and riots over the extreme rationing measures.

Queries for “firewood” have exploded on Google in Germany, as Deutsche Bank predicts that “wood will be used for heating purposes where possible.” German officials are now warning their slaves of extreme energy-rationing measures, along with the potential for “extremists” to fuel national unrest over the deteriorating situation.

Because it’s so extreme to want to be able to heat your home during winter.

German Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, who previously called on residents to cut back on heating, visits to the sauna, and showers, announced on Friday that public buildings across the country won’t be allowed to set heating above 19 degrees Celsius (66.2F) this fall. Exceptions will be made for hospitals and “social facilities,” according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

In an interview with Suddeutsche Zeitung, one of the country’s largest daily newspapers, Habeck said that the new regulations would be part of the Energy Security Act – adding to previously announced bans on heating private pools.

In addition, buildings and monuments will not longer be lit at night, and there will be curbs on illuminated advertising – while “more savings are also needed in the work environment,” he added.

Habeck’s announcement comes just days after the head of Germany’s grid regulator, Klaus Mueller, said that German families would need to cut 20% of their normal energy consumption in order to avoid gas shortages by December.

“If we don’t save a lot and get extra fuel, we will have a problem,” he told Welt am Sonntag in an interview last week. –ZeroHedge

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