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Lawyers could have electronic chips implanted in their BRAINS to enable them to scan through documents in a fraction of the time, report suggests

Electronic brain implants could allow lawyers to quickly scan years of background material and cut costs in the future, a new report claims.

The report from The Law Society sets out the way the profession could change for employees and clients as a result of advances in neurotechnology.

It suggests that a lawyer with the chip implanted in his or her brain could potentially scan documentation in a fraction of the time, reducing the need for large teams of legal researchers.

‘Some lawyers might try to gain an advantage over competitors and try to stay ahead of increasingly capable AI systems by using neurotechnology to improve their workplace performance,’ wrote Dr Allan McCay, the author of the report.

Neurotechnology could also allow firms to charge clients for legal services based on ‘billable units of attention’ rather than billable hours, as they would be able to monitor their employees’ concentration.

However, the report raises concerns that the data collected could put people at risk of surveillance or manipulation, and suggests that regulation of ‘neurorights’ should be considered.

Dr McCay wrote: ‘It is hard to know how widespread the uptake of neurotechnology might ultimately be but to neglect it might be regretted particularly if, as has been speculated, brain implants or wearable devices might become the iPhone of the future.’

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